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Lead Staff

Cleophus Hethington
Executive Chef

Baylee Pruitt
Head Bartender


Shelley's sells seashells and cocktails

Shelley's is a Seafood Bar/Restaurant by Bad Juju. We opened November, 2017 in the historic Shelley Building in South Miami. As with everything we do, Shelley's is committed to high standards, laid-back vibes, and an inclusive and diverse atmosphere. Here, you'll find oysters, fresh fish, bottled and frozen cocktails.

Our Executive Chef, Cleophus Hethington, has experience in some of the finest kitchens in Miami and Atlanta, including The Optimist, Alter, and Matador Room. His cuisine is fish-camp inspired and has Southern and Gulf Coast roots. Chef Cleo is also a veteran of the US Navy.

Head Bartender Baylee Pruitt is probably best known for her protest write-in vote campaigns at Speed Rack, every year for the last seven. She recently moved to Miami from somewhere that planes don't stop. As the captain of our service staff, she characterizes them well with a constant upbeat demeanor, strong knowledge, and commitment to great service.



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